Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pelanduk selalu lupa jerat...Jerat tak lupa pelanduk!!!

I have received a phone call today informing that the "person incharge" refused to provide me with the financial afidavit eventhough my appeal has been endorsed by the Big Boss.. wow! my first reaction of course to ask the big question "WHY"..Failed to get clear explanation from the caller ..I then decided to "discuss" the matter personally with the person incharge . My "niat" during that time was just to get a better or clearer explanation..and to find out in case I have missed something out ...that make the financial afidavit cannot be given to me..that's all!!
To cut the long story short...managed to talk to that person ...but until now I don't understand and I cannot see the rationale of the decision not to provide me with the relevant documents.. The only reason given to me is that my offer letter given by the Australian university stated the same course code as my husband...the most funniest reason on earth!..
Want to know why it becomes the funniest or may be the lousiest reason on earth?Of course we will be offered the same course and course code BECAUSE both of us applying to do our PhD in the same university and in the same department..
Abih nak buat camno...we are in the same faculty here..definitely our application too will be to the same faculty in Australia..even if we apply to any of the local universities pun our application will go through the same faculty and we will get the SAME course code...
I did ask that person few this the real reason or ada masalah lain...but that person insisted that the same course code tu yang masalah....then I asked...what about others yang dah pegi ke that university (to the same department)...of course all of their offer letters stated the same course code as mine......and is there any written rule yang cakap husband and wife tak leh pegi sama department...emmm answer for this two questions
Eventhough I have tried my very best to explain..I can understand my situation..I am nobody..saya hanyalah seorang staff yang mempunyai impian untuk study, dgn harapan ilmu yang dapat tu dapat plak dishare ngan anak bangsa sendiri...that's all
That phone conversation lead me to think about the following issues:
1) I am not clever enough to rationalise the reason given to me.
2) What if my husband tu tak ada relationship ngan I..adakah betul course code yang sama masih jadi persoalan penting kat sini?
3) Sekiranya government allocate the scholarship to bangsa asing...adakah that bangsa asing yang dipertanggungjawabkan akan memberi beribu alasan...atau they will use the money and sponsored as many of their bangsa without making things so difficult. Maaf tak ada niat nak create any isu pekauman here but again I strongly feel I have to at least point out this scenario..
4) I was 19 or 20 when I did my first degree in UK...very young...I have experienced being sponsored by the government...but to tell the truth..during that time kami tak banyak menerima "pesanan"-"pesanan" about how lucky we were or how unlucky others (yang tak ditaja)...but I still remember how "kecut perut " we were and how we have to struggle to get our degree...even without "pesanan-pesanan" ..all of us (my batch) managed to get our degree and came back to give our service here...
5) Now bila dah tua... I percaya most of us or all of us punyai lebih rasa tanggungjawab...kita lebih faham and lebih pandai menilai erti penggunaan duit rakyat..At the same time, I can also understand doing PhD is not an easy task...rasanya I am crystal clear about the difficulties of getting PhD...and I am not an excellent student before...very average...that's why I cannot promise anything but the most I can say I will try my best..
and I also percaya semua pemegang biasiswa punya harapan yang sama ...get their PhD ...kalau ada yang gagal I strongly believe bukan itu yang diaorang plan or why should we blamed them...why not we look at the other side of it...may be they failed to get their PhD BUT I percaya proses pencarian ilmu itu tetap berlangsung and ada added value dalam diri setiap mereka...
6) and finally...pesanan orang tua tua (stated as the title) suddenly floating in my head...yang tak faham tu ...bole pegi tanya nenek nenek yang masih ada...or may be u can contact Karam Sigh Waria...he..he...
Nota: posting ni tidak berniat atau bermaksud untuk tunjuk pandai...or memburukkan sesiapa...just that I feel down and I rasa I need to express what's in my head and heart..thats all!


Mohd Halim Kadri said...

Saya tak tahu nak komen apa. Saya rasa Mulan kena berbincang lagi dengan pihak berkenaan. Buatlah sembahyang sunat hajat dua belas rakaat malam sebelumnya. Mudah-mudahan dipermudahkan Allah.

mulan said...

thank you for your concern and suggestion.