Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Yesterday I got this email:

Dear Dr ....,

I have received the report from our advisor on your manuscript BUSI-D-13-007....

With regret, I must inform you that based on the advice received, I have decided that your manuscript cannot be accepted for publication.... 

I have forwarded the email to my supervisor (co-author) and here is the reply:

Sorry to hear this but it's a highly ranked journal so tough to get it. Please think about the reviewer's feedback and how you might improve the paper and what other journals might be of interest to target for another submission.

Frankly, I have expected to be rejected...kah kah kah. We are talking about a top tier journal with >85% rejection rate ( what do you expect??). But somehow, rasa letihhhh la juga... 4 bulan nunggu reviewers report/decision...berbulan bulan menulis.....so, kepada yang cakap .."alaaaa....publish je la paper, apa susah". Saya rasa to get your paper publish is not an easy business. Tambah lagi dengan teaching load yang berbelas belas jam per week!

Anyway, I am happy to learn something from the reviewer's comments. One thing for sure, the top tier journal ni is very concern about cross sectional research. Well, it appears that I will be like a tortoise in this publication arena...Ok lah...kura kura nak pegi sambung keja...