Thursday, April 8, 2010

"This is not lunch"

On Tuesday, J Lo went to montessori as usual except that she brought 3 cupcakes for her lunch. That was the first time she brought cupcakes to school. She normally brings either nasi goreng or pasta or spaghetti. That Tuesday we sent her late to Montessori around 10am. Since she already ate nasi ayam at home I thought cupcakes will do for her lunch ( lagi pun cupcakes aunty liza-her favourite chef).

But I was wrong. When I picked her up that afternoon. Her teacher said "please, no more cupcakes for lunch and please make sure you give her balance diet. You should include yogurt and fruits too in her pack lunch". heeee

Not that I don't want to include yogurt and fruits, Nina ni, lidah melayu (semangat bergaya je mcm J-Lo). She doesn't like to eat fruits and yogurt.

Tapi, on the second thought, why not give a try. Mana la tau. dah mkn ramai ramai tu Si J Lo akan bertukar lidah omputeh plak. So , today her pack lunch will be; spaghetti, grapes and yogurt....


mamacrocs said...

Dulu nuk-nuk nak makan grapes tu time ada orang sakit kat hospital saja n yogurt memang tak rasa lelansung la ni jadi pack lunch ...go nina go (muka dah jadi macam muka abg long)

mulan said...

Nuk nuk
The Report:
spagheti- abih
SEEDLESS grapes (5 biji)-abih
Yogurt- mkn sikit je..

Marlizah said...

Sian nina..tebantut nkmkn cupcake dkt montessori..:((