Friday, August 29, 2008

Harga oooohhhh harga!

Kenkawan, adik kakak ,pok cik mok cik out there lets talk about harga barang...heeeee..gerrrammm betul when it comes about this issue..

Having 3 children yang sedang membesar and a husband yang not fond of eating outside food..going to the market has become my routine...lately, I realised that harga barang..mak datok!! naik mencanak canak..make me wondering..are there any actions taken by the "menteri" to control this accelerating trend! For instance, ari ni je, a kg of crab is RM22.00, a kg of ikan kembung is RM8.00, a kg of ikan terubuk is RM 20.00 and a kg of ayam is RM7.50..and the funniest thing is that the penjual ayam siap informing me that next week the price will be RM8.00 perkg...aaaikkk..awalnya dia dah tahu berapa dia nak jual next week!!

Aduuuhhh!! wahai pak pak menteri ..please turun padang..don't just ask rakyat ubah cara to ubah cara hidup if ikan kembung pun dah RM8.00/kg.

Another thing..last time when the government announced harga minyak naik, immediately harga barang lain pun naik...but now when the government announced harga minyak turun then why suddenly semua diam...why not harga barang yang di naikkan dulu tu turun or back to the original price..

I bukannya apa..cuma nampaknya trend rakyat msia sekarang ni macam naik bus le....they don't really like the conductor and driver bus yang memandu sambil tido...but they cannot change the driver and the conductor...takut takut nanti ..they decide to change the bus instead! tak ke haru tu....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My additional anatomy!!!

I just bought a new is going to be my new best friend and my additional far I don't have any..everytime I need to use it.. I will just show my "sedih" face begging for sympathy to my other half..and the best part is.. it works! but I think that political strategy of mine cannot be applied a couple of months both of us are going to embark on a very challenging journey where the additional anatomy has become a mandatory!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Few updates...

Answered Prayer..

Well friends just want to share ..miracle does happen in life!..the most important thing is keep on "berdoa"..because Allah juga yang menentukan segalanya... dan Allah juga yang Maha Mengetahui...

UPSR..coming soon..arrrghhh!!

My eldest hero will be sitting for his UPSR this September...Worry??.. rasanya I am the one who is experiencing all the feeling..he..he..and when he came back home last week with his trial exam result suddenly I felt like all the butterflies in this whole world are flying and enjoying themselves in my stomach...he..he..

Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan..

Last week we were invited to Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan...My second hero dapat hadiah...but he was quite upset with the hadiah (voucher buku) as he was expecting something else..he..he..

Happy Birthday ...

Happy Birthday to my "drama queen"...She is two years my youngest sister:Achu..where is the cake!!!you promise to buy a birthday cake ..the chocolate moist from Secret Recipe... they are waiting for your cake!!