Friday, February 26, 2010

2010 @ Perth

Arrived Perth at 5.45 am on the 24th Feb. My peha rasa cam nak tercabut. Lenguh giler since J Lo and my second hero tidur on my lap through out the journey. Everything "lepas" kat checking counter except my cabai kering. Gerrammm betul si Mat Ozie tu bole buang je my cabai kering. kalau dia bole makan sambal tumis sure si mamat ni pikir 2x nak buang my cabai kering...Thanx to Liza and ibrahim for the lovely nasi lemak. At least i don't have to cook during my first day. Kalau tak mau pensan beb!

The two heroes have started their schooling yesterday. Today baru nak settle bab bab dalam umah. I need to settle everything b4 next week. Luckily monday will be a public holiday. So I will get 1 extra day b4 process "mengadap supervisor" bermula. Lepas ni bermula lah tahun kedua pengajian dgn penuh debaran.....Muga Allah permudahkan...