Thursday, February 17, 2011

Perigi Buta

First time saya tengok perigi buta dalam cerita P Ramlee masa saya kecik dulu. I can't even remember the title of that film. It was a long long time ago. During that time, TV pun masih hitam putih and bentuk cam almari. The time where org kampung watch TV only on weekend kat umah org kaya kat kg. The awaiting Friday night for me as kids because only at that night kat TV ada Malay film.

Bila dah tua, I remembered watching a horror film "the ring" (kalau tak salah le)with my boys. Ada scene about perigi gak (but not sure buta ke idak this perigi). One thing for sure, this perigi looks scarier than the one in P Ramlee's film.

Why did I write about perigi? I feel like I am in the perigi (don't care whether it is buta or not) now. I know that I need to think of ways to get out from this nasty, dirty, scary place but I just don't know how and at the moment I can't see any thing that could help me to the escape.

My energy pun dah makin kurang . Kalau dalam cerita ultraman, time ni lampu ultraman dah flashing dah. And for sure Abg Ngah and Nina yang dok nganga tengok dah makin excited. To them by hook or by crook ultraman must win!. Cuma , I am not ultraman. I am just an ordinary woman with 3 kids and having the other half also struggling to get out from his "perigi".

What should I do??

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