Thursday, March 14, 2013


Alhamdulillah I have completed the 30 times radiotherapy sessions. Fuh! only those who has gone through the treatment could fully understand the feeling. In general, there shouldn't be any side effects after going through the treatment. Patients should be healthy enough to continue with their daily activities.

However, since the radiation was given to the brain, I have to face all the "dramatic" side effects. On top of that, my radiologist confirmed that my pituitary gland has been affected by the radiation. But the % of damaged is not known. They need to do further investigation and observation.  Next week I need to do another blood test. My neurologist need to have my hormone profile in order to keep track on my hormone system.

 In case, ada yang blurrr like myself...pituitary gland tu is a place which control all hormones in our body system. So, once it is affected/damaged, the hormone system akan kacau bilau consequently badan kita pun haru biru laa... haaaaa...ini yg I alami sekarang ni. Serba tak kena. A very simple example is that my berat badan makin naik although I tak ada selera makan. Belum masuk problem lain lagi. Nak citer pun banyak sangat. Senang cakap macam iklan McDonald " You name it, I got it".

As for now, I have decided to start on my daily activities as if nothing is wrong with me. Once ada yang menyapa "dah sihat ke?". I will answer " alhamdulliah..sihat" because my definition of sihat is totally differs from before. As long as I can perform my daily activities and handle my family affairs I will consider myself healthy. Yang lain I serahkan pada Allah...Dia jugalah Yang Maha Penyembuh.....

Soon these tears
Will all be dryin
Soon these eyes
Will see the sun
Won't be long, won't be long
Till I see it
When I'm back on my feet again
I'll be back on my feet again

                                     - Michael Bolton


Anonymous said...

Di depan Kaabah telah ku titipkan doa untukmu. Semoga disembuhkan Allah.

mulan said...

Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih atas ingatan and doa. Allah juga yang dapat membalas budi.

huda said...

In shaa Allah, muga Intan bertambah sihat, dikuatkan semangat untuk meneruskan rawatan selanjutnya