Saturday, December 26, 2015

Back to reality

Dah sampai SP. Dah habis episode berfoya foya dan acara makan tak hengat donia. Realitynya: 

1) 1 mster thesis belum siap di baca-deadline 28 Dec
2) assignments & test students berlonggok untuk di buat carrymarks- deadline 2 Jan
3)first final exam scripts Audit akan masuk on the 28th Dec- as usual 5/7 days given for marking
4) second final exam scripts akan masuk on the 3rd Jan- 5 to 7 days after that will be the deadline
5) Invigilator for final exam /3 kali- makin tua , makin banyak kali le plak kena jaga exam nih..
6)  1 motivational/team building project nak kena arrange for diploma student- will be carried out in Jan.
7) menyiapkan research & innovation project for next year.

An email from my ex-supervisor telling me that he is holidaying for a month to refresh himself triggered my curiosity. Why can't we have semester system like them-semester system which tally with holidays/festive seasons or at least tally with the school holidays. 

Come on menteri-menteri yang bijak pandai please change for the better. Sekarang ni anak cuti sekolah, mak bapak sibuk kerja...bila mak bapak berpeluang ambik cuti, anak2 plak tengah sibuk bersekolah....Ini lah system Wak Dojer....Sekian.

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