Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Fruitful Weekend

Last weekend  I attended a research workshop conducted by my old friend Dr FF. Supposedly the workshop should be like a refresher course to me....but in reality ...I learned a LOT.  The best part is that I got valuable input from Dr FF regarding research issues.  At some point...I feel like  for the past 3 years I resided on another planet...far far away from the research world.....hahahahaha..

It has been a looongggg time since I last talked to a person who know so much about research methods and analyses. Deep down I miss the research environment where the experts are within reach and I could discuss my research issues with them. Of course, there are people around here who claimed that they are the "experts" but sorry to say some of them failed to provide a clear explanation and convincing justification to the issue raised. 

My next plan is to further improve myself in doing research. I should try to get a new grant because my current one will end next month. Another thing is that I should challenge myself to improve on the publication aspect. Need to publish in journal with better ranking. To Dr FF....thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and always be there to discuss research issues with me ( although I am more like a tortoise compared to you in doing research things....hahahahaha). Not to forget, thank you En Suami for handling the kids.....muahhhh.....hahahaha . 

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