Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Tok..

Last sunday was my granny 80th birthday...since she is now staying with my mum, so my mum hosted a birthday party..ooops...birthday kenduri for her. Main menu: mee kuah(yum yum yum..sedap sesangat) so to my sister kat Kuching - sorry le you missed this special recipe , + macaroni bakar ( my sister in law showing off her cooking talent...he..he not bad...next time buat lagi no..) + doughnut + apam + lompang + fruits + air hulk (the green syrup)...

the only thing that make my second hero upset was..no birthday cake!!!...he complained how come having a birthday party without a birthday cake...he seriously think that it was very unfair to his Nek not to have one!..

So all her anaks, cucus and cicits (I put everything in plural form kay...he..he..)gathered at my mum's house...deep down terfikir gak..will I have a chance to celebrate my 80th birthday!

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