Friday, July 10, 2009


Last night we went to a movie-Transformer...(I don't even remember the full title)
My two heroes were so excited and thrilled about this movie. Papa diaorang pun cam ok je..He did mention to me "ok gak citer ni".
J-Lo , as usual tried her very best to make herself comfortable during the 2 hours slot. She occupied most of her time exploring the cinema instead of sitting down watching the lousy robots fighting.
As for me, ishhhhh...failed to digest the "story". Similar experience when I watched Harry Porter. Sampai sekarang tak tak paham paham... (knowing the new series of Harry Porter is coming...lagi le rasa cam loya gitu..heeee)..
Back to the transformer. I just didn't know how to appreciate robots as actors!!. I said to my heroes, "kalau Mama muda , cantik and seksi-mama pun bole berlakon dalam transformer coz the skill needed hanyalah jumping, running, and screaming!!.
Anyway, the two heroes and J-Lo seronok betul..sampai umah ..terus tidur...letih le gamaknya.


Nor Fadzlina Nawi said...

Huyoo, akak ada cita2 nak jadi Megan Fox..weewwitt

mulan said...

kalau jadi bukan Megan Fox le tapi Mulan Cat...kah kah kah