Sunday, July 5, 2009


My second hero got another present from his school . He was so excited telling us as his name appeared in the school's newsletter. This time the present is in the form of a "voucher" to be exchanged kat kedai basikal (org utara panggil gerek).
We went to the shop. waaaaa...first time masuk kedai yang jual gerek and all peralatan yang sewaktu dgnnya. I didn't know about all the various accessories needed to ride a bike/gerek. During my childhood time, riding a bike was just an easy and simple stuff like A,B,C. What you need was just a bike. That one pun optional as you can always borrow (for free) from kenkawan or your abang (my case, we have to share the bike). No helmet, no other things. Off we went/ tour all around the kampung. Life was so easy.
My hubby and I were pening/ confius looking around the shop trying to find something that "worth" to tukar with the voucher. Of course we did not want to pay any extra cost (buying something more expensive than the given voucher). End up , my hubby said " we need to discuss more about this"...kah kah kah..(gamaknya dia konpius bebenor nak decide nak tukar ngan apa)..Till today, that voucher belum tukar lagi...tak apa la..December baru expire...heeeee
p/s: tajuk tu to indicate benda ni still unsolved le....heeee

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