Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Show

Yesterday we went to Fremantle and on the way back my other half stopped at Toys World. Actually we stopped there by mistake. We thought Toys World is like Toy Museum . The actual fact is Toys World is a shop selling thousands toys ranging from the simple play dough to the big play house.
J Lo was indeed happy with the mistake we made! She happily explored the shop and
after spending about 30 minutes playing and trying all the displayed toys she then made her decision; the magic microphone ( it has music function on it).
She then (dengan selambanya)performed her free show at the car park.Worried she would get carried away in her performance (showing off her dancing skill too), I then persuaded her to continue her singing show indoor (in the car). Fuuhhh!! lega... since ada gak la 2,3 family kat car park tu yang dok tengok free show J Lo..
For the two heroes we bought monopoly and scrabble. They were relieved when they got to know about J Lo's Free Show.. Abang Ngah cakap "nasib baik tak pegi..kalau tak malu kita"...
p/s: kitchen cabinet yang dalam gambar tu harga dia from $ 299 - $ 399. ada ngan peti ais lagi... ish ish ish...ada juga la manusia yang buang duit beli benda benda mahal cam ni ye...

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