Monday, September 7, 2009

Gear 1

Aduss... lately my PhD work is not moving as it is supposed to be. Just like driving using the first gear and before I can change to the next gear dah jumpa plak ngan trafic light. Stop le plak.

Trying to find excuses for the unreachable target, I put the whole blame on Nescafe..emmmm..of course the culprit is not the humble and innocent ME..kah kah kah...

Want to know why? I think I am addicted to Nescafe..without Nescafe to start my brain cannot function well and my body system get haywire!!
Again, I am stressing here, the problem is not ME but Nescafe...
"...kelazatan istimewa..citarasa masa kini...."

Harap harap esok lebih baik le dari ari ni.....bergerak le sikit benda yang tengah dok buat nih...ish..geram betul!


Selinap said...

rokok vs nescafe?

Apa beza?

mulan said...

amboi mr selinap..perli nampak...heee
salam untuk datin kat umah ye..