Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to pass your thesis with flying colours!

I attended the above course. Few tips to share:

1) thesis examination varies from one university to another. As for Curtin, the thesis need to go through 2 independent examiners. Common criteria used by examiners:
a) adequately surveyed literature relevant to the thesis;
b) adequate skills in the gathering and critical analysis of information and report presentation;
c)demonstrated the capacity to conceive, design and carry to completion independent research; and
d) made a substantial, original and significant (for master's thesis- these two criteria are not required) contribution to the knowledge or understanding in the field of study.

2) Common steps taken by examiners in reading the thesis:
a) Read abstract, introduction and conclusion to grab the scope of the work.
b) Look at the references to see what sources have been used and whether they need to follow up on any of them.
c) Read from cover to cover taking detailed notes.
d) Go back over the thesis to check whether their questions have been answered or whether their criticisms are justified.

3) How do examiners grade the thesis?
a) Pass, no amendment (A)
b) Pass, need to make correction (B1, B2)
c) Pass, need to resubmit (c)
d) Fail ( based on statistical data only 1% fall in this category for the last 5 years....emmm a little bit of motivation here).

4) How long a thesis should be?
Try to make a maximum of 200 pages but the most is around 270-290 pages. Examiners will only get around $390 per thesis. So don't torture them by forcing them to read our "soap opera" kind of stories.

5) What about writing style?
Thesis is about communication. So try to express our thinking in the simplest way! Thesis is not about showing to examiners your ability to use"flowery language" (ada ke term ni???..hee)

Sekian, adanya....

To all kenkawan yang terjebak di kancah PhD of luck!!

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