Sunday, May 16, 2010

That e-mail

I received that e-mail last Friday. Dup dap dup dap jantung bergetar.... dari siapa? My svisor le.. Next meeting will be this Monday. Focus of the meeting is about "my Paper".

Apasal suspen sgt?...emmmm sebab this will be the second meeting after balik dari my data collection. First meeting that day tak le risau bebenor coz dia hanya cakap dia puas hati je coz we (hubby & I) managed to meet his target. This time besides discussing about my paper, I am pretty sure he will ask about my progress in analysing the final data..adoiii..

About that paper..tak confident langsung on the quality of it especially the analysis/results part. Knowing my svsor yang begitu teliti...emmmmm...ngerinya nak dapat feedback.

Next, progress in analysing data. Meh...tengok planner apa yang dah ku buat...
First aku start key-in data on 9th March. Rasanya it took me 6 weeks to complete this process (700+ respondents). In between the process I started playing around with my pilot data to come out with that paper..Now baru terkial kial dok buat data screening.. emmmmmmm....bila ku jeling "time line" kat dinding depan ku ni...lagi rasa nyilu...

Ya Allah mudahkan lah laluan ini....Aminnnnn..

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