Monday, August 22, 2011


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I am revisiting/ rewriting/rearranging (you are free to use whatever term you like coz it seems like I need to do all of them) the most boring chapter in my entire PhD life, the literature review chapter. I am a quantitative researcher with a quantitative backgrounds and of course equipped with a quantitative mind/ way of thinking. Producing a literature review chapter which should reflect my "critical" arguments on what is going on in my field of research is really a torture to me. It appears that I don't have the skill to put my critical arguments in the most interesting way so as to capture the attention of my two svsors, particulalrly, the one with the "qualitative" mind. Sometimes, I just wish I could substitute the literature review chapter with another analysis chapter. I would prefer to learn all the statistical jargons rather than cracking my head trying to come out with a "tip-top" way of expressing my thoughts. But again....reality is reality...a good research report should come along with a good literature review.....haishhhhh.....

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