Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dah Dapat..

Alhamdulillah....yesterday I have succeeded in my mision to get an office with the internet connection  . Although I really don't like the "terjah" approach but I think sometimes you have to apply that to survive.  Betullah., the information given by my ejen 007....that particular office tu memang dah lama kosong. The funniest thing was that, the person in charge asked me "how do you know about that office?". I walked away with my sweetest smile ever and gave a brief answer " from my 007". ....hahaha.

Enough with the first two weeks of "ding dong ding dong session". I have successfully handled the very first hurdle and keep telling myself many more are coming. No worries..... from now on I will go with the flow but I just want to stress that I really hate office politics. Please don't include me in any of your politics games. I am not interested at all. I just want to do my academic work. I have my own mission to accomplish. But, having said that please don't push me too far because you will never know my reaction towards that.....hahahaha.

To the readers, this would be my last posting regarding the "ding dong ding dong story". Personally I don't like writing this but  I need this posting for my personal record. Nanti bila dah pencen and tua, bole citer kat anak cucu tentang cabaran di tempat kerja. Bole jadikan ikhtibar, the dos and the don'ts...hahahaha..

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huda said...

Tahniah Dr Intan, lepas ni bolehlah focus nak 'mengajar' anak bangsa plak hi hi selamat bertugas