Monday, June 30, 2014

Cuba Lagi

Yesterday I had e-mailed another proposal. Trying my luck again to get another international grant. I am now working on a grant in Yen ( Japan) and now trying my luck to get another grant in pound sterling. Why international grant??...I have tried a few times to get  the "Gs" grants provided by the government, but until now it seems that I am not that lucky one. So I decided to start small. 

The funniest thing I found about applying an international grant is that the application form is much simpler than the local grant. Very straight forward. I still remember getting "pening pening lalat" in trying to complete one of the "Gs" grant. As a new researcher, I got confused with the "hukum hakam" that I need to follow...not to mention the "permurnian" process carried out by my own university to filter the applications. Anyway, it was a good experience though...and you learn a lot about office politics throughout the way.....hahahahaha..

My confidence level to get this grant??? Less than 10%...hahhahha...I am competing with the whole South East Asia for the limited number of grants. I have told my group members, If I got this one, this is another miracle happen to me. If I didn't get it, I am sure it won't hurt much because at least I know..this is a fair game!

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