Monday, June 13, 2016

Tons of work

I have tons of work to settle:

1) This is the last week of lecture for my degree students. I am trying to cover as many past years questions as possible with the students.  At the same time I have bundles  of assignments and quizzes to mark. The first paper will be on the 3/07/16. Meaning, the carry marks for the two subjects must be out before that date. To make life more interesting, this week is also the week where the lecturer becomes so popular. Lecturers will be fully booked for consultations. Students come with thousand of issues and sometimes confessions that you really don't want to hear such as " Dr....I just realized that I don't really understand the last two know I didn't attend your lecture and I hope you could at least brief me out about that two topics". 

2) I need to submit an executive summary  and a financial report to the grant provider. The soft reminders keep on entering my mailbox. So far I didn't reply the email because I know it for certain that the deadline is the end of this month and I am working on it!!..After all, people say silence is I am applying it.....heeeee.

3) I supposedly present a paper at any international conference ( preferably in Japan or Korea) this year and subsequently publish that paper in one of the index journals.  Now already mid June and that paper is still in my dream!

4) I need to prepare another research proposal because by July I will not have any more grant. Need to try and get a new one for next year.

5) Last but not least, I have been asked to teach a new code/subject next semester...need to read piles of materials for that matter too.

Can I quit and join kilauan emas???

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