Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nina & Montessori

Our beloved Nina / J Lo is going to be 4 years old this coming August. She could only start her kindy class( free class) at any public school next year. But her temptation of going to school cannot be controlled anymore. Everymorning she will cry histerically, telling us she really wants to go to school and she is old enough and more than ready for school. So , yesterday we made a big decision. We enrolled her at the Southbank montessori. We could only enrolled her for 2 days in a week coz it cost us AUD 70 per day. In a month it will cost us AUD 560. On top of that we need to pay a deposit of AUD 280 hu hu hu....I think the best way to express this decision is:

Nina + Montessori = Budget Porak Peranda


Nor Fadzlina Nawi said...

Welcome back kak...mahal ek tadika kat WA. Sini sebulan 2 kali seminggu (9-3) dlm AUD 200 sebulan.

mulan said...

fadz, i am back but still in the blurrr mode...lambat betul nak tune balik..heee. mahal gillerrr...tapi tak sampai hati plak...dia dok minta nak p sekolah

mamacrocs said...

wei ambik gambar first day pi school mesti Jlo excited, mungkin jugak dia pi school dgn niat menambah network dan mengcatwalk jgn tertipu mama, catwalk sesorang kat umah mana best

Nor Fadzlina Nawi said...

Akak shd try's cheaper & time duration shorter. Kat sini kalau sejam suku gitu dlm AUD 3 per session.

mulan said...

kelmarin ambik kul 5 ptg. Pukul 7 dah tiduq . siap kencing tilam lagi. Letih sekolah le gamaknya..
last year akak try bawa dia few times. Bayar $1 plus 1 fruit for 2 hrs. Tapi the 2 hours tu main je..ada banyak toys and they can play whatever they want.. no colouring, no learning at all..lama lama dia boring..