Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Parents/teachers meeting

The meeting was held yesterday at the school gymnasium. Grabbed the chance to meet few of Abg Long's teachers. Happy to find out Abg Long is catching up with his study. As usual his excellent performance is in the Art and Japanese class. The teacher showed me his latest project in the art class. Very impressive. Once again Abg Long is invited to go to Japan this year. This time for the ski trip. And once again I have to use the old scripts to explain the reasons of not going.Siannn.....hopefully bila dia besar dia paham le...

As for mathematics he made an outstanding improvement. He scored the second highest mark in his algebra test (gamaknya lepas kena drilling kat umah kot). I really hope Abg Long at least maintain his performace coz Abg Long's performance in math is just like playing "yo-yo". He is coping well in his society and environment. But he needs to do a lot for science. Memang bukan "otak angkasawan le..."

The best part is this year Abg Long has two Asian teachers (Singaporian and Indonesian). Seronok berborak ngan diaorang. Siap bole sembang bab bab nak dapat PR lagi..heeee
Semangat "keAsianan" diaorang dalam mendidik Asian students ni pun bole tahan gak. Good to know about that.

Muga Abg Long akan terus bersemangat untuk memajukan diri..

p/s: ada new updates about my "haru biru-blues" life....tungggu.......