Wednesday, May 4, 2011

HDR Seminar series: writing your introduction

This morning I attended the first session of HDR seminar series on thesis writing. I decided to write the gist of each session in this blog for my own reference as well as to others who is in the same "tongkang" with me...travelling in this never ending, heart breaking,challenging and not to forget exciting journey of PhD.

Today's session is about writing the introduction / chapter 1. This is the most important chapter as most examiners will first read this chapter after reading through the abstract. This chapter should be short but catchy enough to attract examiners to read through the whole thesis.

The introductory chapter should cover:

  • why particular topic is researched

  • context and scope of the study

  • significance of the study

  • where research is being conducted and why

  • research aims and objectives

  • roadmap

-you could also include definition of terms in your introductory chapter.

A suggested outline of the introductory chapter :

  • introduction

  • the research problem

  • research objectives

  • conceptual framework

  • research approach

  • structure of the thesis.

So, good luck kepada yg sedang menulis. As for me, I think I need to revisit my Chapter 1 coz I don't think it is catchy enough to the readers/examiners. Tengok...what have I written earlier...the never ending story/journey.....


Anonymous said...

Thanks akak, kalau ada yang lain share lah..sharing is caring...part conclusion, walaupun jauh lagi nak buat tu...


Anonymous said...

oppssss..sorry, yg jauh lagi nak buat buat conclusion tu adalah saya...

mulan said...

Miss BSH( Bekas Spagheti Hitam),

akak pun lambat lagi le rasanya nak buat ni dok masuk gear reverse le pula...haaishhh..bila le nak masuk gear 4 ni...kura kura betul la...