Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HDR Seminar series: Critically reviewing the Literature

Second session of the series, the Prof cerita about buat literature review. Dia cakap, most of students bole buat literature review tapi yg susah nak buat adalah critically reviewing the literature.

Saya amat bersetuju because saya termasuk le golongan yg blurrrrr ni. My problem kalau just nak review je, tak dak masalah beb! dari zaman undergraduates lagi pernah buat kerja ni, yg perit to nak critically evaluate.

Meminjam words peberet my supervisor bila dia membaca my work: " where is your voice?" or "I didn't see your voice". Kekadang yg mencengkam jiwa tu bila kerja yg I rasa my "masterpiece" tu dia ckp " you failed to convince me with your arguments". Itu yg tersurat..gamaknya yg tersirat " apa ke bende budak ni melalut...hampehhh"....heeeee.

Few tips to share:

1) How do you review the literature?

- Provide commentary on each piece of literature.

-Explain succinctly key findings of the study.

-Indicate the potential or actual significance of the study within a national or international framework.

-Evaluate relevance and quality.

2) Two most important skills in reviewing literature:

- The capacity to evaluate what you read.

-The capacity to relate what you read to other information.

3) The key to a critical literature review:

- Demonstrate that you have read, understood and evaluated your material.

-Link the different ideas to form a cohesive and coherent argument.

-Make clear connections to your research objectives and the subsequent empirical material.

To conclude, critical review must:

-include key academic theories

-include empirical studies

-review and summarises state of knowledge in your topic

-synthesise ideas (convergence, divergence)

-evaluate (critique) literature for relevance and quality

-identify gaps.

Kepada yang "setongkang denganku"...selamat menulis...

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