Thursday, May 12, 2011

What is a good abstract?

Let's share few tips on how to write a good abstract. A good abstract should have:
1) Background- 1 or 2 sentences to place your work in context.
2) Aims- 1 or 2 sentences giving the purpose of your work.
3) Method(s)- 1 or 2 sentences explaining what was done.
4) Results- 1 or 2 sentences highlighting the main findings.
5) Conclusions- 1 sentence providing the major consequences of your work.

The don'ts:
1) Do not commence with "this paper..." or "this study..." or yg sewaktu dgnnya.
2) Avoid sentences that end in " described" or " reported" or yg sewaktu dgnnya.
3) Do not begin sentences with "it is suggested that..." or yg sewaktu dgnnya.
4) Do not write in the first person in any form.

Ok kenkawan...jom tulis paper....heeeee


Anonymous said... final one before grad n balik malaya...

mulan said...

waaa....bestnye dah nak grad...dah pandai le tu...

Anonymous said...

....depa dah cemuih ngajo, tak pande2....tu yg kono balik...

Dr. Ben said...

banyak pantang larang... baik... jom tulis blog!!! hahaha