Sunday, November 13, 2011

Malaysia: The hectic 3 weeks

We went back home for 3 weeks. First week in Jitra. Second week in KB-Terengganu-KB. Final week, back to Jitra for the Hari Raya Haji. Letih amat coz we need to settle few important things including finding penjamin for our study. Thanks to En A for your willingness to become our guarantor and also for the lovely lunch.

This year I did the Korban in a traditional way. For the last two years, we all buat kat sini. Very simple, isi borang and make the payment ($90 for 1 portion). But this year, ada experience angkat jual beli (RM 400 for 1 portion), pegang leher lembu, nengok lembu disembelih, dilapah and daging dibahagi bahagi kan. Also ada chance makan daging yang dimasak kat tempat sembelihan....yummylicious!!.

As for the conference in Kuala Terengganu, tanpa disangka and diduga my paper has been awarded as one of the outstanding papers. Thank you to Mr FF yang membaca and mengomen that paper satu ketika dulu. I learned a lot through your comments.

Today dah start balik activity biasa kat Perth. Abang Ngah and Nina dah start sekolah. Cuma umah terasa sunyi amat tanpa Abang Long. Semua orang rindu ngan Abang Long. Harap harap Abang Long happy kat sana.


Anonymous said...


Di mana abang long???


mulan said...

kat kg.