Friday, July 19, 2013

Gua bz


Things to do:
1) Marking students' scripts- done

2) Upload students' mark -done

3) Diploma class- on going, after more than 15 years tak ngajar diploma, now I am back in the picture. To make life more interesting, last week they assigned me with another new group, bebudak Agro/planting. Perrghh.... just imagine teaching Accounting to Agro Students!!So now I have two groups Banking & Agro. Good luck to me!!!!

4) Prepare Exam Qtns for the whole Malaya- WIP. This is I think one of the uniqueness of my university. Every semester almost all lecturers through out Malaysia need to prepare exam questions.  These exam questions will be gathered and evaluated and eventually the best will be used as  a final set in the exam. The rest will be put in the questions bank (lebih kurang la cam gini, process banyak lagi..malas nak citer). With the current policy of OBE whereby we need to closely follow JSU in preparing the questions  make the process of preparing exam questions more complicated ( at least I feel that way, OBE limit my creativity...heee).
Note: yang tak faham OBE and JSU- please just ignore it , these are among the alien terms that you need to know and follow religiously when you become a lecturer.

5) Journal articles-  3 done ( under review), plan to start a new one soon. Bila nak buat nihhhh???

6) Research proposal - still in my dream. Plan to apply research grant from CIMA early next year selepas gagal dgn jayanya last year. This time I think I would like to try CIMA-South East Asia coz last year I gagal di peringkat donia....kah kah kah... lets limit the scope of the competition....

My never ending work as the house manager..................................