Thursday, August 15, 2013

A gentle reminder- Jangan syok sendiri

In doing quantitative research, the underpinning theory/theories is/are the backbone of your research. You must detail out about your chosen theory and explain the application of this theory to your research framework. You cannot just test the relationship between A and B without having a good theory behind it. Bottom line, having theory in your quantitative research hukumnya adalah wajib.

Why did I write about this? Many students tend to buat research syok sendiri. They come out with research framework/model and then test the hypothesized relationships based on that framework. They didn't explain the theory/ theories at all in their research reports or in their presentations. Please...the theory is the basic, the platform, the backbone of your research. If you don't even have a single theory to back up your research, you are in the "la la land". Frankly, I am not interested in the "la la land" kind of research. Sorry....

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adreen said...

good one. Tapi saya masih keliru kdng2. selepas run experiment bru dpt teori baru yang masih uncertain.