Friday, November 22, 2013

Sabar je laaa....

I am taking leave today to bring En Hubby for follow-up treatment. Did I write about this? En Hubby jatuh longkang last week. A big longkang at the car park. Where were I that time? While walking to the car (at night) I tersinggah tengok tudung at the nearby shop, sedar sedar there he was in the longkang. He got MC for 1 week. He is supposed to extend his MC for another week but he refused. Not saying that he is sooooo workaholic but he knows that at this time no time for further MC (moving towards the end of the semester for degree students-meaning lots of work in order to complete the syllabus + diploma students will start their classes next week - meaning more & more & more work to do).Ok. Thats the update about En Hubby.

What I actually want to write is about 3 phone calls which I got today from my colleagues. Should I call these 3 calls as "keluhan perasaan". The gist of the calls is all about expectation gaps. Although I fully understood what they were trying to convey but nothing much I can do because I pun in the same boat.  I pun golongan marhain.  Nak cerita pun payah...emmmmm...why not you all bacalah poem kat bawah (diceduk dari google). Kalau bole paham...itulah ceritanya....heeeeee

What Is A Boss?

A BOSS is someone who comes in early and stays late.
A BOSS is someone who says the nice things to cheer us up and the bad things to settle us down.
A BOSS is a janitor who cleans up messes and sweeps them under the rug! No just kidding!
A BOSS is a coach who stands behind their staff and says, “We are a team” and “There is no I in team!”
A BOSS is a parent who pushes us to be our best, even when they really want to push us over a cliff.
A BOSS is a shrink even though there is no couch in their office, they still look at you over their glasses and say “How does that make you feel?”
A BOSS is a gardener consistently pruning and snipping and clipping away at all the tangled webs and vines we weave.
A BOSS is a zookeeper repeatedly shoveling up what we get into neck deep.
A BOSS is a tour guide always point things out the landmarks to the left and right, like this is your workspace and this my workspace.
A BOSS is a teacher, even when they think we act like kindergartners they still treat us like college grads!
A BOSS is a great physician, they can diagnose a pain in the butt and gracefully and privately treat the problem!
A BOSS is a circus ring leader, even when the lions try to eat us for breakfast, they crack their whip and say, “The show must go on!”
A BOSS is a weather forecaster, when a day looks cloudy they still can predict sunshine for tomorrow to give us things to look forward too.
A BOSS is a saint, Oh, blessed saint of the office give us the strength to make you proud to call us staff.

My Boss & I 

when i take long time
i'm slow

when my boss takes long time
he is thorough

when i dont do it
i'm lazy

when my boss doesn't do it
he is busy

when i do something without being told
i'm trying to be smart

when my boss does the same
that is initiative

when i please my boss
i am apple polishing

when my boss pleases his boss
he is co-operating

when i do something good
he never remembers

when i do something wrong
he never forgets

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Nor Fadzlina Nawi said...


Ada sedikit lawak lah Abg Yie 'termasuk' dlm itu longkang hehe

I hope he's all better now :-)