Saturday, April 25, 2009

My New Sifu

Last week I have been informed that I need to work with another Sifu. Why? because the things that I am doing now has been far way diverted from my original proposal. So my current Sifu (who is working closely with me) feel that it is necessary to include another "brain" especially to check on my theoretical aspects of my research.

My current Sifu is a very "quantitative" person and I think we have something in common. However, the new Sifu is a "qualitative" person. At first, I was quite worry in case she want me to change my methodology. But.. lucky me, my curent Sifu vetoed the suggestion made by my new Sifu. As for today, he said I do not have to make any major adjustment to my proposal except trying to find a shorter version of the questionnaire for one of the constructs and I need to prepare the relevant slides for the coming presentation. Harap harap, things goes as plan..bukan apa..komen dari kenkawan yang berguru ngan my new Sifu...they said she is very very good BUT she also has a very "high" expectation...emmmmmm....Taaakkuuuutnye...

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