Sunday, May 10, 2009

The gardener and J-Lo

Look who is trimming the grass!! Back home Encik Jalil will do this for us every month. But now no more Encik Jalil. Everything is DIY. soooo...tarrraa..the new gardener is in action!! emmmm..more professional look like than Encik Jalil nih...heeee

The first photo is my J-Lo trying very hard to be like Christina Aguilera!!.. Lately practicing her vocal dah jadi her daily routine. And now dia dah upgrade performance sikit to include showing off her bakat as a guitarist as well!!.


Anonymous said...

Rock nina...nanti afundi nina...nuk nuk vote for nina ha..ha.. putus harapan nak jadi ustzah wei mlam esok final AF

mulan said...

Relaxlah nuknuk...ustazah in the making la tu...kena try semua dulu..nanti kita hantaq p Kucing/UK untuk grooming..