Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Petua Awet Muda.

Yesterday I met with Fay. A very nice lady. Working as an account assistant in one of the firms here. Kita org borak borak and share stories.Then, she told me that she has decided to retire this coming July. I was quite suprise on her decision because I thought she is in her early 50s or the most in her mid 50s. Then she told me her age. She is 66..emmmmm..I terus tanya dia about her beauty regime. She just laughed at me and cakap..kalau nak kekal muda or at least nampak muda..follow the following petua:

1) don't think about your age- age is just a number.
2) keep busy- busy life will ensure that you will keep going.
3) keep using your brain- make sure you actively use your brain daily-working, reading, thinking, studying etc.
4) Relax and enjoy life- enjoy what you have.

So ladies out time penat with housework..jgn complain..fikir je lah,all the works help you to look young..tak yah habis duit makan jamu or beli cosmetic yang mahal mahal.heeee

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