Sunday, May 31, 2009

Doctoral Research- Getting Started & Getting Finished

Last Thursday, my husband and I have the opportunity to attend a talk on the above topic by Dr Lynette Buoy, CEO Smith Family WA. (Thanks to Liza & Ibrahim for taking care of J-Lo while Mama and Papa were busy attending talk and preparing for candidacy).

That 1 hour session was more like sharing her experience doing her PhD. Very informative. Few tips given and I would like to share with all of you who is also travelling in this lonely journey.

1. Group discussion- she said this would help in the sense to keep us motivated, work smart, share knowledge, share all the "PhD emotions".

2. Persistence with what you are doing- most important part. I think that's why people keep on saying "to do PhD, you need 10% intelligence and 90% persistence".
" You've got the intelligence to do it but it's whether you can cope with what life throws at you at the same time"- Hugh Kearns, Flinders University.

3. "Begin with the End in Mind"- Stephen R.Covey.
This will help you to keep going especially when you feel like you are left alone in the sea, and the most scary part is you do not know how to swim (like me!!).
So from now on, I will keep on visualising me wearing the "Harry Porter" robe and the "burger look like" cap at the end of the journey. kah kah kah..hope this will work to keep me motivated!.

So to all..Good luck and keep going...


Radzi said...

Good luck.

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mulan said...

Thanks Radzi