Monday, August 17, 2009

GSB Get Together

Yesterday my husband and I invited our Malaysian friends from GSB (Graduate School of Business) for lunch at our house. Actually, not many Malaysians attached to GSB. Most of the Malaysian postgraduates attach to Curtin Business School.Well.. some said we are the "isolated/unsocialised" group. May be due to the fact that muka muka GSB ni jarang kelihatan di social functions...heeee... But to keep ourselves motivated we keep on saying to each other that we are the "lucky few"..the selected one to carry the "burden and pressure" of being a GSB student. kah kah kah..

Back to the event..such a nice one since ni la masanya nak buat updates. As for me and another new student (baru 1 bulan arrived) took the opportunity to ask soalan soalan "cepu cemas" to the other two students yang dah buat first submission. Fuuh! suspen je bila dengar diaorang punya "journey". Keep on asking myself mampu ke ni nak sampai ke hujung jalan..sekarang ni pun rasa cam nak muntah je...heee..

Anyway, best le event makan makan ni..sebab kitaorang ni nama je satu workstation tapi weekdays kalau jumpa kat workstation pun tak sempat nak borak borak/ gossip gossip..selalunya bagi salam to each other then semua orang busy dgn "dunia" masing masing..

Teringat masa mula mula sampai and first week pegi workstation...dalam hati cakap..ish..gini ke bebudak PhD tak ada perasaan je..berbagai gaya ada but semua org busy dgn hal masing masing..they talk to the computer more than they talk to each other ! ni I think I myself has turned to be the "mutant"...kah kah kah...

One remark made by the new student during the makan makan session yesterday " takut la nak pegi workstation..takut nengok semua org sibuk buat kerja and nobody sembang sembang to each other"... Proved!! she is in the adjusting period before turning herself to be a "mutant" too.... heeeeee

Sebenornya kitaorang ni semua baik hati and "environmental friendly" lagi...cuma masa selalu mencemburui joker cakap dalam filem batman lah.. "too many things to do in too little time"..

Looking forward for another GSB Get Together!

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