Saturday, November 28, 2009

Aidil Adha 2009@ Perth

Hari raya haji this year was on Friday (27 Nov 2009). On that day my hubby need to go to work from 6 am till 9am. So definitely tak leh pegi sembahyang raya. At the same time we have been struggling to finish up with whatever needed before going back for my data collection. It has been 3 (horrible, unhealthy, torturing) weeks for both of us. Very stressful weeks. My first hero plak ada 2 tests on that Friday. My second hero dah demam for about a week. Tinggal lah J Lo yang still "alive and kicking" which eventually boost up the stress level of everyone else in the house!

Around 4 pm my hubby, J Lo and I pegi juga jemputan open house few of our friends. My two heroes were not in the mood and tak nak ikut. Agaknya letih coz diaorang pegi sekolah as usual. This was the first time we all tak celebrate hari raya haji. Well...apa nak must go on......

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