Thursday, June 4, 2009

The King of the School

Last week my second hero brought back home another two certificates for his outstanding performance at school. He was so proud about it and keep telling us (1000 times) that there were only 2 pupils got 2 certificates ( him and another aussie girl). Of course, his excitement somehow disturb my first hero.

Relax lah Abang Long..I think you could be like Steven Speilberg. A very talented film director. Mama was impressed with your 2 short stories project (for your English as a Second Language Class). Just focus more on other subjects. Then you can be whoever you want to be!!.

For Abang Ngah, If you really want to be the king of the school. You should start controlling your Big "M" (Malas) problem!!!

I love both of you with all my heart.

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