Saturday, June 20, 2009


My house is located near Victoria Park. Finding halal restaurants is not a big problem here. One of the Indonesian restaurants is just a walking distance from my house. But , this does not mean my family always have outside food at home because as students my hubby and I cannot afford to have that lifestyle. However, once in a blue moon we do entertain our children with that kind of "luxury". Just to make them happy and as an escapism for me from doing my routine work (cooking ).

We found out, there are two nama makanan that might not lepas tapisan FINAS kalau kat Msia le. My two heroes akan ketawa terkekeh kekeh when they order these food i.e. Nasi goreng TETEK and Soup BONTOT. Ishhhhh...macam tak ada nama lain le plak..

My J-Lo plak whenever I cook soup kat umah, dia akan cakap soup bontot and my nasi goreng will become nasi goreng tetek. Dia dah blanket kan that term to indicate all kinds of soup and nasi goreng. Tak sedap betul telinga mendengar!!

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